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About Us

Addison & Sheffield has a long history of bringing unique products to happy customers for the last three decades. It all began with our famous Original Singing Bird Clock, but we’ve grown to include many other best sellers in gifts and home décor. Now these delightful items are all conveniently available to purchase through this site. Here’s a brief history of our legacy, and our popular household branded items.

The Original Singing Bird Clock

With over 8 million clocks sold, the Original Singing Bird Clock features images and high-end authentic bird recordings of the 12 most recognizable birds in North America.

Galileo Thermometers

Inspired by Galileo’s instruments, our colorful and scientific cylindrical thermometers can interpret the temperature and weather based on principles of buoyancy and air pressure.

Flameless LED Candles

Our flameless candles can brighten up any living room or cozy space. Includes a safe, battery-operated LED that flickers and glows like real candlelight, minus the hazards of an open flame or melting wax.

The Illuminator LED Flashlight

A must-have for every glove box, emergency kit, or drawer, this handy flashlight requires no batteries or bulbs, and operates with one or three LEDs. One minute of winding provides over one hour of light.


Beautifully crafted and ergonomically designed, the Revers-A-Brella keeps you dry and allows you to multi-task with its hands-free handle.


Hy-Genie Brass Hand Tool

Our newest must-have necessity item, the Hy-Genie, keeps you safe from germs by avoiding keypads, touch screens, elevator buttons, door handle, trash can lids, and more.